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11 July 2007 @ 02:58 pm
how do you spell assistance?Collapse )


Beta-reading is that wonderful, wonderful thing where you ask someone else to look through your fic, and point out those things in it that do not work: spelling; characterization; grammar; flow; whatever. The beta-reader offers corrections and suggestions, points out places that make no sense and lines that sound funny. The author incorporates her suggestions (and maybe sometimes she doesn't, arguing for her choice, and they have many healthy fic-related discussions), and turns her shiny story into something nicer and shinier!

Writers aren't superwomen. They often make mistakes, overlook tiny things (or even BIG things). And then their hard work over the shiny new story comes to naught because of little things, like a misspelled 'assistance', or an 'e' that might actually be a 'c'.

Please spell-check your stories. Please check your formatting. And please, do try to get someone to beta-read your stories. Ask a friend, or a kindly soul at a place like housefic_pens or housefic_beta.

Cuddy approves of well-edited stories. They keep her blood pressure at normal and save her the torture of having to go through things where the 'c' looks like an 'e'.

Thank you.